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As the Senior Vice President of Mass Markets, Davis is responsible for leading the Marketing and Human Resources business units where he oversees the company’s brand, digital marketing, corporate communications, content strategy, social media advertising,  talent management tactics, infrastructure planning, employee development and HR technologies.  An advocate for innovation, Davis has led multiple initiatives to advance the organization in human capital management, digital marketing automation and through the creation of an insight-driven culture.  Passionate about how technology and process improvement can accelerate business transformation, Davis is always a force for positive change across the organization.

Prior to being appointed to his current role, Davis served in multiple executive roles of increasing responsibility including Senior Vice President of Customer Experience, Vice President of Talent Acquisition and Vice President of Operational Support.  He joined the company in 2003 in an employee development role and has held various positions encompassing information technology, project management, client services, quality assurance, recruiting, business development, contact center operations, human resources, and marketing.

A key executive leader in Mass Markets’ growth, Davis has played a critical part in the organization’s attainment of its long-range strategic plans.  His diverse industry experience and acumen have been instrumental in multiple, vital business initiatives including new site deployments, disaster recovery, offshore/near-shore partnerships and numerous acquisitions, integration, and rebranding initiatives.

Throughout his professional career at Mass Markets, Davis has pooled a wide array of invaluable experience supporting multiple verticals and unique business processes for Fortune 500 clients. Before joining Mass Markets in 2003, Davis spent several years in operations management at Infinity Marketing Solutions. He began his career in operations management at MCI WorldCom in 1999.  Davis has certifications in project management and human resources and has over 20 years of industry experience across a wide range of business processes.

Davis and his wife Trisha live near Iowa City, IA with their daughter Nora and Entlebucher Mountain Dog Oliver.




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